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The Culture is characterized by being a post-scarcity society (meaning that its advanced technologies provide practically limitless material wealth and comforts for everyone for free, having all but abolished the concept of possessions), by having overcome almost all physical constraints on life (including disease and death) and by being an almost totally egalitarian, stable society without the use of any form of force or compulsion, except where necessary to protect others.  The novels of the Culture cycle, therefore, mostly deal with people at the fringes of the Culture–diplomats, spies or mercenaries–those who interact with other civilisations, and who do the Culture's dirty work in moving those societies closer to the Culture ideal, sometimes by force.

GIANT FLOWER (The Truly Indonesian Flower)

Rafflesia Arnoldii is one of Indonesia's unique flora as a "rare Indonesia's national flower." It has the name of a diverse language population in accordance with the growth areas, such as "sekedai", "ambun", flowers parasite, ghost flower, "ambai-ambai" and others. There are several types of Rafflesia flowers Acehencis such as Rafflesia, Rafflesia Rochussenii, Rafflesia zollingeriana and others that the growth in some areas in the region Malenesia which includes Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. But the kind of size is generally smaller with each other differently. Rafflesia Arnoldii huge and there are known only in Sumatra and is spreading along the "Bukit Barisan" back from Aceh to Lampung with ecological center in Bengkulu. The Flower blooms start to open it with one at lobur perigonium or approximately at the time of bud berdiameter 30-35 cm. The length of the development of the bud berdiameter up to 4 cm flowers b