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A Shemale from Austria Became the Pride of The European in The Singing Contest

The world has just shocked by a shemale named Conchita Wurst comes out as the winner of the Eurovision singing contest. Busy talking on Twitter, Wurst make the show singing contest among European nations that successfully orbited a few big names such as Abba and Celine Dion's become the world's attention. Shown on TV wearing high heels, butterfly eyelashes but bushy beard, which had the appearance Wurst real name: Tom Neuwirth is calculated nyleneh for Austrian nation are still conservative about this.  The annual event is the Eurovision Song Contest does have a lot of gay fans. Eurovision believed to be appropriate container for singers who want to have an international career. From the beginning, the entry Wurst as a contestant has sparked controversy in almost all European countries in terms of addressing the issue homoseksualitas.Ditambah Wurst striking appearance in this show, kia encourage criticism of antigay groups.