The Great Chance to Get More Revenue From Google Adsense in Triond

Do you love writing ?

All people that love writing are here. Triond is a media that provide the best service for all writers or writing lovers in around the world. They can share about their writing, make friend, build readership and of course society each other through Triond. In the other hand in Triond you will not only get many friends and readerships but also you will be paid for every your article that is published by Triond.
The most happy news about make money on-line through Triond is Adsense in Triond. What does it mean?    

Its means that you have big chance to double your revenue or earning on Triond with Google Adsense.


  1. I am making more with Ad sense but that's not saying much as after a year with Triond I only made $1.64 last month. Sad as that sounds that was up a lot from the months before.

  2. @Angelgirlpj : Thank for comment, yeah the key to success on triond is be patient and make friend as much you can.
    actually i have ever paid $2,23 Dollar for one article published. it is amazing coz it is no popular article. very awesome triond.


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