Improve Your English to Get Wide and Bright Career Opportunities

How can I improve my English?  

Many people at Google Company ask this question. You need a different way to learn English because the methods you used as a student aren’t working for you as a busy professional. Doing these three things will make it easier to improve your English: 

1. Be kind to yourself, think positively about what you can do and go from there. 

2. Don’t be embarrassed. Have a reason for learning, visualise how being better at English will change your career and life. 

3. Develop learning habits, get into a learning routine.  

Improve Your English to Get Wide and Bright Career Opportunities

Have a reason for learning  

How will being better at English change your career and life? As a student, you had to study for exams and your teacher gave you lessons, assignments and tests. You knew what you had to learn and when the test would be. Now, you have to organise your own learning and give yourself your own reason and motivation. 

1. Give yourself a positive reason. “I will feel confident about speaking up at meetings” or “I’ll impress my boss with the quality of my writing”. 

2. Visualise yourself using English well. Imagine where you are, how fluently you use English and how great you feel. Sometimes it helps to write down your vision and pin it up where you can see it: “I’ll speak fluently and confidently when I give presentations in English”  

I’m not good at learning languages  

Everybody starts life as a natural learner of their parents language(s). And people up to the age of 16 find it easy to learn extra languages. After 16, it gets harder as we get older. So it’s not just you! It’s the same for almost everybody!  What can you do? 

1. Find better ways to learn. You can’t learn naturally like you could as a teenager. 

2. Remind yourself that it’s a natural process and not your fault. 

3. Be more active. You have to use every opportunity to notice the English around you. And practise!! The older you get, the more practice you need.  

Here are some ideas to improve your English easily:  

1. Be sociable. Try to make friends with people who speak English or want to be better at English. Go to parties or join clubs where you’ll have a chance to use English regularly. 

2. Do things you like doing in English. Listen to English pop songs. When you watch a Hollywood movie, choose the English version. 

3. Just speak up! Don’t be afraid of making small grammar or vocabulary mistakes.  Nobody uses perfect English – not even native speakers.

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