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Leonel Messi Profile and His Achievements in The World of Football

The name Leonel Messi is very synonymous with the sport of football. With the myriad of achievements he has made during his career in the world of football, he deserves to be  called one of the living legends of world football. This handsome-looking man who is synonymous with super cool beards has the full name Leonel Andres Messi.   Leo, that's wha t his friends call him, was born in the City of Osario, Argentina, on June 24, 1987. Having a body size of 169 cm, this football athlete who has always been a regular as a player for the Argentine national team at the World Cup is currently still playing in La Liga. The Spanish League with the famous football club, namely Barcelona FC. Leonel Messi Profile Leonel Messi is one of the best talents in the country of Tango Argentina, he is even often compared to the figure of Diego Maradona, who is a legendary soccer player who managed to bring Argentina to win the World Cup in 1986. Leonel Messi was recorded to have started his career