Home Insurance for Our Protection

Public awareness of the importance of insurance is still very low, for example, is the awareness of the importance of home insurance. Why is Home Insurance? Example case: the 9 magnitude earthquake devastating disaster that struck Japan last year to become a valuable example of that need for protection (insurance, home) as our guarantee. The earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in Japan has the world's insurance industry needs to raise U.S. $ 60 billion (around Rp526, 3 billion) more.

This of course makes for the Japanese earthquake losses can be minimized. In addition to the threat of another earthquake comes from natural disasters such as tropical storms, tornadoes, etc. Disaster such as a tornado wind is currently a hot topic in the medias around the world is tornado disaster that devastated the state of Oklahoma, United States. The disaster occurred on Monday afternoon local time, and hit the town and surrounding Moore. Tornado speed 321 km / h was hit for 45 minutes. The fierce winds surrounding radius to 1.6 miles, and increase the area of damage. A total of 51 people were killed and 120 others injured in the disaster. Hopefully survivors could eventually rise from adversity over this terrible tragedy.

Let us pray for them. But what about the fate of the survivors of this disaster in the future. All their possessions had been razed to the ground. No house, car, TV, furniture etc.. So to minimize this happening in any natural disaster in the future, we had better prepare ourselves to protect our assets from possible bad one with insuring our homes.

Home Insurance In addition to the above disasters, some of this is the reason we need to insure the home:
1. In addition to the earthquake and tornado, disaster very close to our property is a flood and fire. With insurance, when exposed to the risks set forth in the insurance policy, we will obtain financial compensation.
2. Construction debris cleanup costs or expenses architect and surveyor costs to renovate your home or build a house (according to the types of coverage available under the policy) we will be able to get. 3. We also will obtain the maximum after-sales services, such as free checking condition of the building, the latest information from the insurance company, as well as current inflation forecast information policy renewal notice. Looking at the above, then the home insurance is highly recommended to provide protection to our property.


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