A message from the passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Are they all still alive?

Almost one - month duration of the mystery disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has not been solved. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had announced earlier that the goal MH370 Kuala Lumpur - Beijing journey ended in the Indian Ocean and none of the surviving passengers.

But now suddenly emerging recognition of one of the passengers named Philip Wood. He wrote a message in the forum 4plebs.org.

Philip posted a message March 19, 2014 or 11 days after missing MH370. Philip message content at the point that he and other passengers MH370 currently resides on the island of Diego Garcia after the plane he was traveling was hijacked.

" I was held hostage by some military personnel are not known where. I was arrested after the plane was hijacked. Myself working for IBM and when the plane was hijacked and then I was detained , I hide my phone in the ass. Now I was detained in a cell along with hundreds of other passengers , " said Philip.

U.S. citizens also had to change the profile photo in a forum 4lebs.org. He turns it into a deep black color and turns after traced attached photo on March 18, 2014 at 20:49 pm local time.
Philip at the end of the posting photographs that use Apple I Phone 5 give a little message.

"Profile photos are very interesting , because it is not just only a black color. If you zoom in that blank photo,you can see the noise. I was in a dark room , " said Philip.

The belief that Philip posted photo is also justified by the original one journalist at the site jimstonefreelance.com/phillipwood.html. On the site it was confirmed that the journalist who posted the photo of Philip is not a hoax.

Meanwhile in many social media and more Internet users try to analyze the photos posted Philip Wood black. Of the many who analyze , most saw a shadow -like humans and amounted to three people. The three men are suspected of guard cells where Philip was arrested along with hundreds of other passengers.

Strangeness also occur in the information on the official website of Diego Garcia Airport. At the moment the official website www.amc.af.mil MH370 loss on March 8, 2014 suddenly filled the screen no flight schedule. But after checking around dated March 18, 2014 when the site reopens obvious flight schedules to and from Diego Garcia.

The existence of this information adds to the long row of speculation and mystery of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370. However , the alleged Philip Wood was in Diego Garcia along with hundreds of other passengers is perfect with a row of eye-witnesses who saw MH370.
Such as the Boeing 777-200 pilots who fly aircraft to Narita Airport, Japan was seen 30 minutes before the MH370 is lost. Malaysia Airlines plane is seen to be right in front of him on March 8, at 01:30. Next was dated March 8, 2014 a Malaysian fishermen saw the plane flying low toward the waterway.

Shortly thereafter Indonesian fishermen also saw a similar plane flew Malaysia Airlines low at coordinates N 05 degrees 21'94 - 98 degrees 18'61.30 E or around the area of ​​Banda Aceh.
At 06:15 on the same day a Maldives citizen living in Horse Huvadhoo said she saw a similar plane Malaysia Airlines MH370 flew low from the north to the southeast , allegedly toward Diego Garcia.

Are all passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 still alive?


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