The Top 11 Most Expensive Yachts in The World Year 2022 (Final Part)

There are many expensive yachts that are more appealing than others either because of their price or their size. The top 11 most expensive yachts in the world a luxurious yacht isn't just a mode of transportation but an emblem of wealth and standing image that may solely be afforded by the rich billionaires of the world. Each yacht of the list below is a sleek stunningly beautiful vessel part by some of the world's best engines. They slice through the seas at high speeds with no occupant feeling the lightest of discomfort. The materials used to build the yachts are one of the finest quality to ensure that the shine and durability are worth the hefty price tags. The biggest yachts in the world are famously dubbed super yachts because of their size and luxury factor. (Top 11 - Top 6, Read here)

Number 5: A+ (TOPAZ) YACHT (527 million dollars)
A+ Topaz Yacht

The topaz is owned by billionaire Mansoor Bin Zayed Al-Nayen, a member of the abu dubai royal family. This sea monster was built by the german shipbuilding company lursen yachts. The yachts's stunning interior was created by terence desdale's name brand company terence disdail design while tim he would created the exterior of the wessel which was launched in 2012.There are two helipads on more than 147 meters a gymnasium, a conference room and a cinema room. There are also two jacuzzis on the back deck next to the pool. Its eight decks are connected by an elevator that serves 26 luxury suites all equipped to accommodate up to 52 guests.


Number 4: AZZAM YACHT (650 million dollars)
Azzam Yacht

It's not surprising that the world's longest yacht came from a builder with 9 out of the 20 top builds in the super yacht arena. Unfortunately larson could never really boast about azam after its launch in 2013 because of the owner's penchant for privacy. The 179 meter long yacht which has held the title since 2013 is the largest private yacht in the world the yacht is a good example of how technology and luxury can coexist it was built by german shipbuilder larson yachts.


Not a design's exterior features this long sleek forward area with well-proportioned tears moving up to the sky deck. Lurson describes the interior by christoph lenoy as sophisticated with luxurious decor inspired by the empire style of the early 19th century but is otherwise short on details. Its gas turbines connected to water jets push azim to more than 30 knots.


Number 3: STREETS OF MONACO YACHT (1.1 billion dollars)

Street of Monaco Yacht

The streets of monaco was designed by yacht island design of derbyshire county in england. Comprising the world's third most expensive luxury yacht it features a floating replica of the city of monaco or to be more precise a scaled-down version of a section of monte carlo. It featured a go-cart track, casinos and a replica of the monaco grand prix track. It includes tennis courts, a bar, three swimming pools, a mini submarine, a helipad a mini waterfall, a restaurant with a fabulous underwater view and many other luxurious things. However the most outstanding feature of this luxury liner is without a doubt the atrium which houses seven guest suites accommodating up to 16 people. Similarly a luxury penthouse divided over three floors and extending over 4 800 square feet has been reserved for the fortunate owner.


Number 2: ECLIPSE YACHT (1.5 billion dollars)


Eclipse Yacht

Russian oligarch and billionaire roman abramovich is a proud owner of the world's second most expensive yacht. The eclipse is a super yacht that is one of the most costly private yachts in the world and is owned by a wealthy russian businessman and former chelsea manager. The master suite occupant of eclipse is safeguarded by a missile detection system and bulletproof windows. The yacht which measures 536 feet long comes with extraordinary security features like intruder detection systems, bulletproof windows and a missile defense system. The huge size of his boat is bundled with many lavish facilities like 24 guest cabins, 2 swimming pools, 2 helicopter pads, and 3 launch boats. One interesting fact about this yacht is that if it detects some hidden photographer trying to click pictures as light is emitted on the camera, that will prevent him from taking a photograph.



Number 1: HISTORY SUPREME YACHT (4.5 billion dollars)


History Supreme Yacht

The history supreme was developed by United Kingdom luxury designer Stuart Hughes and took three years to complete with the hefty price tag on this luxury liner owing to the 100 000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum used to garnish it. The history supreme is the most expensive yacht on the earth, is reportedly owned by malaysia's wealthiest man Robert Knock. The three-year building of the spectacular 30 meter yacht required around 100 000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum. The boat space which is covered in a thin film of gold and metal, is one of the obvious places where gold was employed.


The golden platinum adorned the yacht from its base to the dining area, rails staircase deck and anchor. The most luxurious aspect of the luxury yacht is its master bedroom that with a wall feature made from meteorite rock and a statue made from genuine tyrannosaurus rex bones. The master suite is decorated with 68 kilogram 24 karat gold aqua vista panoramic wall aquarium and a liquor bottle featuring a rare 18.5 carat diamond. Each yacht is a sleek stunningly beautiful vessel powered by some of the world's best engines. They slice through the seas at high speeds with no occupant feeling the lightest of discomfort. The materials used to build the yachts are of the finest quality to ensure that the shine and durability are worth the hefty price tags. Data: YT Lux squaare & Luxtacy.

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